Tiny Tigers Ages 5-7 TaeKwon-Do


Tiny Tiger TaeKwon-Do

At this age, children are just beginning to discover who they are and starting to reach out to the world around them. Martial arts classes for young children are as much about play as they are about learning. The Tiny Tiger Taekwon-Do classes help students discover martial arts in a fun and informative way while teaching coordination, self-control, responsibility, and healthy play habits. Although students are able to learn many things at this age the focus is not on belt rank, but on healthy development. To keep children interested, we place achievement stripes on their white belts as they reach minor benchmarks. Additionally, we have included two age-specific belts in our Tiny Tiger TaeKwon-Do program that been created to help promote self-esteem. Join us to find out just how much fun your children can have while learning something completely new.

Questions & Answers for Tiny Tigers

Q) What should my child wear for the trial class?
A) For the trial class, please have your child wear loose-fitting clothes. If you are not on staying to watch the class, please ensure your child has a signed waiver on-file so he or she can participate and introduced to classmates.

Q) Can you tell me what I need to do to enroll my child in the Tiny Tots class?
A) First, thank you for considering Omaha Blue Waves Martial Arts for your child. To enroll your child, you will need to view, sign, and print the school waiver and bring it with you for your child’s first class.

Q) What can I expect for the first class?
A) At Omaha Blue Waves Martial Arts, we offer only developmentally appropriate classes. We love helping children develop their physical skills, attentive behaviors, and positive learning attitudes through a ‘martial play’ style of teaching so you will see plenty of that within our class. Of course, you will also see some traditional martial arts practicepositive reinforcement to encourage your child to enjoy our fun and educational classes.

Q) What do I need to bring for first class?
A) We are excited to hear your child will be joining the Omaha Blue Waves Family. For this first class, we will need your child in full uniform (or bring the uniform with them), the signed waiver, a USKF Membership, and a school membership. If you have any questions before class, feel free to contact us at (402) 215-6003.

Additional Helpful Information:
Please know that your child is in the best hands with our team. We strive to ensure your child feels comfortable and has fun learning Martial Arts. While we understand that the first class might be a bit daunting for a young child, once your child acclimates to the new surroundings and meets new friends, their nervousness or separation anxiety will begin to fade quickly. Once a child starts a class, they are engaged utilizing developmentally appropriate games and teaching modalities. Children are taught physical skill sets, attentive behaviors, and positive learning attitudes. We focus on fun, repetitious tasks to help the children learn these new skills and social behaviors. While in class, our instructors teach the tenets of Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit, Courtesy, and integrity as part of our core curriculum values.

At Omaha Blue Waves Martial Arts it is never about rank progression, but rather about building life skills the help students become healthy, happy, and productive. Rank is a by-product of learning rather than a goal in and of itself.

Expect something different at Omaha Blue Waves. Want to learn more? Contact Us!

Martial Arts Class Prices

Classes Price
TaeKwon-Do - Unlimited TierAll Regular TaeKwon-Do Classes in Age/Rank$120/mo
TaeKwon-Do - Basic Tier1 TaeKwon-Do Class Per Week$80/mo
Tiny Tots - (3 & 4 Year Olds)1 Class Per Week, 30 Minutes$60/mo
Martial Arts Family Plan - Unlimited*Immediate Family Only - Same Home$240/mo
Martial Arts Family PLUS Fitness PackageUnlimited Family Martial Arts /
Unlimited Fitness Classes Same Home Only
$240/mo Martial Arts
+ 25% off Unlimited Fitness
30 Minute Martial Arts Special Classes1 Class Per Week, 30 Minutes$40/mo
*Restrictions apply. See schools for details.

Misc Fees and Prices – TC Products

Product / ServiceDetailsPrice
Testing FeesUSKF Gup
USKF Black Belt
Student Uniform and PatchWhite or Blue
Sizes 000 to 7
Foam Head Gear CenturyColors: W, B, R, S, Y, B
All Sizes
$33.99 + tax
Foam Hand Gear SparmasterColors: W, B, R, S, Y, B
All Sizes
$27.99 + tax
Foam Foot GearColors: W, B, R, S, Y, B
All Sizes
$27.99 + tax
Foam Shin GuardsColors: W, B, R, S, Y, B
All Sizes
$24.00 + tax
Clear Face ShieldAdult/Child Sizes$55.00
Foam Chest GuardColors: W, B, R, S, Y, B$40.00
Replacement BeltUnder Black - $5.00
Custom Black
Mouth PIeceSingle $3.00
Double $4.00
Mouth CaseColors: B, R, Y $2$2.14w/tx
Groin CupAdult and Child Sizes$12.00
DVDAll Types$10.00
PatchesOBW and USKF$10.00