Teens and Adult Hapkido

Teens and Adult Hapkido - Omaha Blue Waves Martial ArtsDEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE CLASSES

Adult and Teen Hapkido Classes Hapkido (HKD) is often translated as “the way of coordinating energy,” “the way of coordinated power” or “the way of harmony.” It is characterized by both long and close range fighting techniques. The art utilizes dynamic kicks, percussive hand strikes, pressure point strikes, joint locks, and throws at closer fighting distances. There is an emphasis on circular, non-resisting movements, and control of the opponent. Practitioners seek to gain advantage through footwork and body positioning to employ leverage, avoiding the use of strength against strength.
The style contains elements of both Ju Jitsu and TaeKwon-Do. Hapkido, also, employs the use of several diverse weapons such as the cane, the staff, the sword, and the knife. The techniques of HKD taught at Omaha Blue Waves focuses primarily on empty hand techniques.

Due to the types of techniques practiced this art is not taught to students under the age of 13 at Omaha Blue Waves.

What is Hapkido?

Our Omaha Blue Waves HKD program is one of the most unique in Omaha. We draw from a number of Hapkido styles to create a useful blend of techniques that are both self-defense and traditionally oriented. The students focus on real life self-defense rather than competitive sports training. Come and train with us and still enjoy work tomorrow.
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Martial Arts Class Prices

Classes Price
Hapkido - Teens/AdutlsOne Day per Week
Two Day per Week
Martial Arts Family Plan - Unlimited*Immediate Family Only - Same Home$240/mo
Martial Arts Family PLUS Fitness PackageUnlimited Family Martial Arts /
Unlimited Fitness Classes Same Home Only
$240/mo Martial Arts
+ 25% off Unlimited Fitness
30 Minute Martial Arts Classes/Specials1 Class Per Week, 30 Minutes$40/mo
*Restrictions apply. See schools for details.

Hapkido Misc Fees and Prices – TC Products

Product / ServiceDetailsPrice
Testing FeesUSKF Gup
Black Belt
Hapkido Student UniformNone/None$80.00w/tx
Hapkido Top (separate) None/None$45.00
Beginning Hapkido DVD None/None$17.00
Foam Head Gear Colors: W, B, R, S, Y, B
All Sizes
$33.99 +tax
Foam Hand Gear Colors: W, B, R, S, Y, B
All Sizes
$27.99 +tax
Foam Foot GearColors: W, B, R, S, Y, B
All Sizes
$27.99 +tax
Foam Shin GuardsColors: W, B, R, S, Y, B
All Sizes
Clear Face ShieldAdult/Child Sizes$39.99 +tax
Foam Chest GuardColors: W, B, R, S, Y, B$43.00 +tax
Replacement BeltUnder Black - $5.00
Custom Black
Mouth PIeceSingle $3.00
Double $4.00
Mouth CaseColors: B, R, Y $2$2.14w/tx
Groin CupAdult and Child Sizes$12.00