Grandmaster Jeffrey Helaney

BS, DSC/OM, CFT – Martial Arts Director


Photo taken after promotion of GM Jeffrey Helaney to 9th Dan in TaeKwon-Do on April 26, 2014 Omaha, NE Left to Right: GM Patrick M. Hickey, President Kwanmukan; GM Brandon Richards, Kukkiwon Advisory Board; GM Troy Trudeau, President World TaeSool Association; GM Jeff Helaney, President United States Kido Federation; GM James James Paul Rosenbach, President RWTG; GM Robert Dunn, President International Jun Tong Taekwondo Federation; GM Rodney Kauffman Past President Ne-De-U-Kan-Tae Federation.



Jeff Helaney is Co-Owner of Omaha Blue Waves and acts as the martial arts director in residence overseeing the teaching staff.

Grandmaster Helaney has been involved in martial arts for over 48 years. On April 26, 2014 GM Helaney was promoted to 9th Degree Black Belt in Traditional TaeKwon-Do (the highest rank awarded in this art) from the International Jun Tong TaeKwon-Do Federation. Currently, there are less than 60 people in the world listed in the Black Belt Directory with a 9th Dan in Traditional TaeKwon-Do and only 3 Jun Tong certified 9th Dans in the United States. (source: Blue Cottage TaeKwon-Do and International Jun Tong TaeKwon-Do Federation) GM Helaney, also, holds master rank black belts in Hapkido, Sports Karate, and an instructor rank black belt in Poekoelan (Pentjak-Silat).

In addition to his work with Omaha Blue Waves, he currently serves as the President of the United States Kido Federation, as a Regional Director with the World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes, and as an Advisory Board Member with the International Jun Tong TaeKwon-Do Federation.

GM Helaney is a multiple martial arts hall of fame inductee. He is a noted authority on martial arts and has written for number of magazines including: TaeKwonDo Times, Budo, and Grandmaster. Additionally, he as appeared on numerous television shows and other media in relationship to his work in the martial arts.

Mr. Helaney is an International Sport Sciences Association Certified Fitness Trainer and holds a number of certifications from the Training Center for the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a degree in Oriental Medicine from the Institute of Korean Natural Health. He, also, is a Nebraska Licensed Massage Therapist. Want to know more about GM Helaney? CLICK HERE