Extreme Martial Arts

Extreme Martial Arts - Omaha Blue Waves Martial ArtsDEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE CLASSES

Extreme / Tricking classes are held for all ranks students. Students learn basic gymnastic and kicking skills necessary necessary for the highest levels of martial arts training.  Instructor – Paige Helaney (Former PKC Ohio State Champion and Nationally Ranked Competitor)

EXTREME I & II – Basic age appropriate martial arts gymnastic skills for our beginning students, intermediate, and advanced students.

What is Extreme Martial Arts?

The concept of adding gymnastics-like tumbling moves to elements of traditional martial arts is otherwise known as “tricking”.  Extreme martial arts are the focus of this sport. Open hand and weapons choreography are often accompanied by dramatic dance or programmatic music. The goal is to command the attention of the audience.

This form of martial arts is being taught all over the world. Many of the moves are high-flying aerial acrobatic maneuvers. These stunning movements attain the goal of capturing the crowd, improving physical agility, balance, strength, coordination, and endurance, as well as performing an artistic display of talent.

Many basic, traditional moves are choreographed to become acrobatic, flashy and artistic, so as to give the impression of complexity and difficulty for showmanship purposes.  Whether you are a basic athlete or a beginner, you can learn the progression from basic moves to highly complex acrobatic sequences

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