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Omaha Blue Waves Corporate Health and Wellness Services offers area businesses the opportunity to take advantage of our unique corporate services and low or no cost to the business. Below you will find a description of some of the amazing services we offer.

massageChair Massages – Our state and nationally certified massage therapists will travel to your business and treat your employees to a mini vacation of massage relaxation. Chair massages are a popular way to help build good will with your employees and allow them to decompress during a busy workday. Appointments can be arraigned at company or employee cost. We have a number of different options to fit your business. Our clients include attorney offices, health care facilities, and even insurance offices. Contact us to find out more by calling: (402) 215-6017


Jeff Helaney DSc., CFT, DTI, 9th Dan Black Belt TKD

Safety and Self-Defense Seminars – Omaha Blue Waves offers a variety of safety and self-defense seminars for our corporate clients. Staff instructors include retired law enforcement officers, martial arts, and self-defense experts. Our dynamic speakers have worked with a variety of clients such as: school districts, colleges, professional business associations, local businesses, and so much more… Call (402) 215-6003 to find out more


Michele Helaney BS, LMT, BCTMB, CPT, WLS

Healthy Living Seminars – Our Fitness Staff is nationally certified in a variety of different disciplines including personal training, and weight loss. We even have a nurse on staff. Do you have a topic you want our staff to address? Contact us to find out all we can do: (402) 215-6017

Lunch and Learn – Need something shorter to get your staff motivated? Our Lunch and Learn seminars can be tailor made to meet your specific needs.

Healthy Living Coaching – Do you have an amazing employee that needs some help reaching a specific goal? Is your business there to help them achieve it? Contact us about different options we have in this area to make you a standout among your industry in this area.

Do you have questions or would you like to learn more about our corporate health and wellness services? Please contact us at the phone numbers listed above or through this contact form.

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